Irish Home Rule Riots in Glasgow, c.1880s Postcard

Hard Border(s): 

Ireland and the British Question

Friday, May 7, 2021


This year’s theme focuses on Ireland in the long 19thC. How does Brexit and a hard border between Ireland and Britain change or revitalize our view of the historical relation between the two? How did Ireland historically define itself in relation to Britain in national, colonial, and international contexts (via connections to Europe, America, or other colonies such as India, for example)? The idea of borders encompasses questions of comparative imperial borders, cartographies, and partitions; the prehistory of 20th century borders in 19th century texts; and the psychosocial/affective borders between classes, religious denominations, gender identities, and ethnicities.

The Victorian Committee of the CUNY Graduate Center was founded in 1978, and the first conference took place in 1982. Topics of recent conferences were:


2000: Northeast Victorian Studies Association Annual Conference: Victorian Breakdowns
2001: The Great Exhibition and Its Legacies
2002: The Victorian Material Object
2003: Colonial Victorianisms
2004: What’s New in Victorian Studies?
2005: Victorian Passions
2006: Victorian Medicine and the Medical Imagination
2007: The Victorian Animal
2008: Aging and Last Works in Victorian Literature and Culture
2009: Blood, Absinthe, and Aphorisms: New Currents in Aestheticism and Decadence
2010: Victorian Theory?
2011: Victorian Boyhoods
2012: Victorianopolis
2013: Inventing Victorian Race
2014: Bad Victorians
2015: The Way We Read Victorians Now
2016: Oceans 19: Currents in Victorian Transoceanic Studies
2017: The Woman Card: Feminism and Victorian Studies, Past, Present, Future
2018: Victorian Ecotime: Inventing, Forecasting, Temporalizing

     2019: The Wars of Peace: The Mundane Violence of the Victorians




The CUNY Graduate Center Victorian Committee invites you to its seminars held during the first week of each month October through April (no meeting in January) at the Graduate Center. To be added to the distribution list, please email Anne Humpherys at ahumpherys@gc.cuny.edu.



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