“Hard Border(s)” Program

Ireland waiting outside the House of Commons as the Home Rule bill is debated, Weekly Freeman’s Journal, 1886


All events will take place virtually. Click here to register.


Friday, May 7th, 2021

Welcome: Mary McGlynn




Moderator: Caroline Reitz

Panel 1: Imperial Hauntings

Sean O’Toole, Dorian Gray’s Romantic Origins and the Specter of Anglo-Irish History

Amy E. Martin , Gothic Internationalism: Irish Gothic Writing and Critiques of Empire




   Moderator: Richard Kaye

Panel 2: Populism and Nationalism

Seamus O’Malley, The Irish Avant-Garde: Enemy of The People?

Patrick O’Malley, “Citizens” and “Slaves”: John Mitchel and the Polemic of White Grievance  




Moderator: Talia Schaffer

Panel 3: Scales of the Social

Mary Mullen, Ireland and the Colonial Politics of Public Interest

Coílín Parsons, Ireland and the Question of Progress




Moderator: Tanya Agathocleous

  Keynote: David Lloyd

       Insurgent Irish: Agrarian Practices and British Dissent

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